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Very pretty Homefires

Kandas has mentioned homefires, so I will bring this up. You want a pretty, dark browning burniness to them, without tasting "cajun." For that carmelized look, I carmelize worstershire sauce on the potatoes toward the end, and it comes out looking very attractive, and tasting awesome. Brian said, "WOW THESE LOOK LIKE THEYRE FROM A FANCY BRUNCH AT A NICE RESTAURANT!" Then hewent through 10 lbs of potatoes by himself in 2 weeks. No joke. Potatoes you can buy in a 5lb bag for $3. I prefer red or yukon gold. Red typically cost less. Potatoes you need to keep out of the light when you store them fyi. You can also use sweet potatoes or a mix, but sweet potatoes behave slightly differently because they're less starchy. They still taste great. I typically add a little brown sugar and less worstershire.
Onions are the same way. They keep, and are cheap when you buy a bag. f that 99 cents per lb.
Green onions are 55 cent and the Krogertron.
Butter and/or oil. You can use olive, but be aware that it has a lower smoke point than other oils so...
WORSTERSHIRE SAUCE. It's in your pantry. Just go look. Surprise! We had this?


3 or so medium potatoes, cut into 1/2 inch cubes
Onions cut into strips not so thick
a short tbsp of butter and/or oil/bacon grease
Salt to taste
Optional, I guess:
~1/2 a green onion, cut up, green parts prefered

Melt the butter in a large skillet over med-high heat. Coat the bottom of the pan. When it hot, but before it begins to burn, toss in the potatoes. Allow the bottoms to brown, about 4 minutes. Put in the onions, Turn the potatoes over however you think is easiest, so other sides are being browned. This time, it will take less time for them to brown. Turn down the heat to medium, and turn again. After three turns, or until the potatoes are adequately soft, splash a few dabs of worstershire sauce in the pan and swirl it over the potates. While it is hissing, stir the potatoes in the carmelizing sauce. Turn off the fire when they look fucking delicious, and gild the lily by tossing in your green onions, which will wilt a little because of the heat. Can be kept in a warm oven until time to serve.